Cost Management Services

Kelowna Cost Management Services

Cost Management Services

LTA Consultants Inc. provides complete cost management and cost planning services throughout the lifespan of a project, from feasibility through to project completion. Our expertise and high level of service ensures our clients make clear, value-based decisions.

Services include:

• Master planning and program estimates;
• Preliminary budgeting and indicative design estimating;
• Detailed construction cost estimate throughout the design phase;
• Feasibility studies, including comparative design studies;
• Preparation of schedule of quantities;
• Formal value analysis and value engineering studies;
• Sustainable Building Consulting.
• Preparation of Project Identification Reports (PIR) for School Districts;
• Preparation of Facility Assessment and Facility Master Planning Reports.

Project Experience

Health Care

Acute Care Facilities Primary Health, Assisted Living, Residential Care, Complex Care and Multi Level Care Facilities; Hospice House; Mental Health Facilities; Public Health and Community Health Care Centres; Support Service Buildings.


Advanced Education, Universities and Colleges; Secondary Schools; Middle Schools; Kindergarten and Elementary Schools; Daycare Facilities.


Government Administration Buildings & Offices; Local Government Infrastructure Facilities; Utility Infrastructure Buildings; Courthouses; Council Chambers; Libraries; Ambulance Stations; Fire Halls; RCMP Facilities; Airports; Parkades.


Ice arenas; Aquatic Centres; Community Centres; Museums; Theatres; Places of Worship; Clubhouses; Wineries; Casino and Gaming Centres; Resorts; Hotels and Motels; Restaurants; Stadiums; Park Buildings.


Apartments and Condominiums – High Rise Apartments and Condominiums – Low Rise Multi Family Residential; Affordable Housing; Town Houses; Single Family Residential; Custom Homes; Student Housing; Residential Sub-divisions.


Office developments; Banks and Credit Unions; Commercial Retail and Strip Malls; Warehouse and Industrial Buildings; Tenant Improvements; Auto and RV dealerships.

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